This blog was intended to document the build process of my model of HMS Victory in 1:78. It is based on the Panart kit but will be heavily modified according to real plans. Unfortunately at the moment the is no progress in the build itself as I have moved house and have no place to proceed with the build.

Additionally, I spend a lot of time analysing Victory's rigging. I am making a virtual 3D model of the ship with every line in it's correct place (with all blocks, deadeyes, cleats) which will later be my reference once I come to rigging the real world model. I even plan to do a book with rendered images that goes through the rigging step by step. You can see some screenshots of the WIP here: Virtual rigging model
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Skid Beams pillars

The pillars which carry the ship’s skid beams are now available as 3D printed parts a Shapeways. As always different scales are available.

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New 3D models available

In the last couple of weeks I spent some time creating some new 3D models which are now available at Shapeways for printing in different scales. I am especially proud of the carvings for the stern gallery:

Here are some other samples:


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HMS Victory’s skylight as 3D printed part

I did a short sprint with an “easy” part after the figurehead beast … the skylight which is located on Victory’s poop deck. The part is again available in various scales at the Shapeways 3D print service shop.

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HMS Victory’s figurehead is ready!

I am very proud to announce that I finally finished the model of Victory’s figurehead!  🙂 A LOT of work and time has gone into it as well as a lot of headaches and a not responding computer. But finally it is done!

I am very satisfied with the result. The figurehead is the eye-catcher of the ship, or it’s crown if you like, and I wanted to do it some justice. The 3D printed model is available again at Shapeways who always surprise me with the quality of their prints.

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Set of HMS Victory’s lanterns as 3D printed parts

While still struggling with the figurehead (found a solution but still have to implement it), I modeled the 4 lanterns of HMS Victory. Three of them are placed at the stern and the smallest (admiral’s lantern) is featured on the back side of the main top. The set is publicly available for 3D print at  Shapeways’  here: HMS Victory Scale Model Parts.

The photo below shows the 1:84 version.

On to the figurehead …… 😉

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Binnacle available as 3D print

As I have some difficult areas to tackle in my figurehead model, I though it was time to do something different. So I chose to model the binnacle of HMS Victory.  Plain geometry – something easy and rewarding… 😉

The 3D printed model is available at Shapeways in different scales.

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Status update of 3D printed figurehead

I am happy to announce that the figurehead of HMS Victory is almost ready for 3D printing! 🙂 This eye-catching part was quit a tough task but I managed it – well almost. All that is left to do is to clean up the mesh to be printable and to cut the slot for the knee of the head. I all goes well the figurehead should be available at Shapeways in a week.

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3D printed “Throphy Of Arms” arrived

Today, my sample 3D print of the “Throphy of Arms” arrived from Shapeways. This carving is fitted above the upper window row at the top of the stern of HMS Victory. I am quite satisfied with the result, especially as I printed it in 1/96, which is the smallest scale I will make it available at. All other scales will show even more detail. 🙂

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Quite some time …

… has passed since the last update. I was working on several projects, though.

I finished the Virtual Rigging Model to include all relevant lines. All that is left to do is to sort out some details that I could not clearly define in my research so far. I also started to find a layout and presentation method for a book that I plan to create, which will show all ropes, their guidances and belaying points in detail. A few pages are already done but unfortunately my almost 9 year old computer is not powerful enough to handle that.

Design idea of a sample page        (heavy WIP)

Besides the rigging model I created several parts for 3D printing which are available at the Shapeways Shop. Most notable are the galley stove, the side entries and the “Trophy Of Arms” which decorates the stern.

Side entry

Trophy of Arms

Galley stove

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