Quite some time …

… has passed since the last update. I was working on several projects, though.

I finished the Virtual Rigging Model to include all relevant lines. All that is left to do is to sort out some details that I could not clearly define in my research so far. I also started to find a layout and presentation method for a book that I plan to create, which will show all ropes, their guidances and belaying points in detail. A few pages are already done but unfortunately my almost 9 year old computer is not powerful enough to handle that.

Design idea of a sample page        (heavy WIP)

Besides the rigging model I created several parts for 3D printing which are available at the Shapeways Shop. Most notable are the galley stove, the side entries and the “Trophy Of Arms” which decorates the stern.

Side entry

Trophy of Arms

Galley stove

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