Virtual rigging model

The rigging of HMS Victory is quite complex and to get everything right on the model takes a lot of time studying the available books, plans and contemporary paintings. As I have no place to build my actual model at the moment I thought I could use that time to work through the rigging and sort out the run of every line and its belaying point as precisely as possible.

Here you can see some images of the WIP. The model is finished, apart from some details, and I started to create a book which will feature clear renderings for every line to help others, who do not want to go through the long tables of rigging elements to rig their model. Here is an early (uncomplete and not revised) sample page:

As reference I used the following:

  • The Anatomy of Nelson’s Ships (C. Nepean Longridge) (Main source)
  • HMS “Victory”: Her Construction, Career and Restoration (Alan McGowan)
  • The 100-Gun Ship Victory (Anatomy of the Ship) (John McKay,)
  • ‘H.M.S. Victory’: Building, restoration & repair (Arthur R Bugler)
  • Rigging Period Ship Models (Lennarth Petersson)
  • Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War (James Lees)

I use Blender for modelling. Most of the lines are done as Bezier splines.

Screenshot of whole model (work in progess) in Blender

Detail of rigging at fore top (WIP)

Detail of bobstays and martingales at the bowsprit (WIP)

Render of the model (at early stage of running rigging)