3D Printed Scale Model Parts

I was disappointed by the quality of the metal cast, brass or laser cut decoration parts of some kits. They were not to scale or very simplified and I did not want them on my model.

3D printing now gave me the chance to have these parts in the quality I want. All parts are constructed on the basis of plans of the original ship in conjunction with photos. The plans are from John McKay’s Book “The 100 Gun Ship Victory”, and Arthur Bugler’s “H.M.S. Victory’: building, restoration & repair”.

I printed the parts at Shapeways and because it is very easy to make them public, I made the parts buy-able to everyone at their shop. You can visit the shop here: HMS Victory Scale Model Parts. For handling instructions please see here.

The most complicated but also the most interesting one is the figurehead:

Here are some other examples of already available parts: