This blog was intended to document the build process of my model of HMS Victory in 1:78. It is based on the Panart kit but will be heavily modified according to real plans. Unfortunately at the moment the is no progress in the build itself as I have moved house and have no place to proceed with the build.

Additionally, I spend a lot of time analysing Victory's rigging. I am making a virtual 3D model of the ship with every line in it's correct place (with all blocks, deadeyes, cleats) which will later be my reference once I come to rigging the real world model. I even plan to do a book with rendered images that goes through the rigging step by step. You can see some screenshots of the WIP here: Virtual rigging model
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  1. Stefano Stramaccioni says:

    I have bought on Shapeways all the particular of the HMS Victory in 1:90 scale. I have seen that she you working to the figurehead of the ship. I would be very interested to buy it when its job will be ended but only if the press is realizable in 1:90 scale. I ask her to hold me informed if this will be possible. Thanks.

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